Review Korean Air

Review Korean Air

Review Korean Air
We have had two flights with Korean air. Most memorable was the (new) airline seats with a special headsupport, probably with the intention to make it more comfortable. Unfortunately it was very uncomfortable in the neck. We would prefer a “normal” airline seat. The second flight we were sitting in an old part of the plane: small and not very comfortable, but luckily there were “normal” airline seats. 🙂

We give 2,5 our of 5 stars: Oké airline >> If only they had better seats…

Review on several aspects
+   We had a couple of kilo too much luggage. We could proceed without paying extra.
+   Good onboard media-entertainment
+   Friendly stewardesses

+/-   1 out of 3 meals was very good. The other two were not our favourites. (all vegetarian meals)

-/-    The seats with special headsupport were very uncomfortable
-/-    The seats in the other plane were very cramped

Review Korean Air
Our review is 2,5 of out 5 stars.

What is your review?

Good service, bad seats

If only they had better seats…
- Erwin Coenen

Review Korean Air
2.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 2 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

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