Review Air India


Review Air India
So far we have used the services of Air India one time, and we hope it will stay with that one time. 🙂

We give 1 our of 5 stars: Red flag >> If there are alternatives, we would take them.

Review on several aspects
-/-   Dealing with critical incidents
-/-   Customer service

We booked an e-ticket from Goa to Auckland.
We had to transfer in Mumbai and in Seoul.

The flight from Goa to Mumbai was delayed, so we were going to miss our connecting flights.
Air India didn’t arrange anything on the airport. After waiting for some time (the office was closed) we talked to an employee of Air India. We got as advice to book ourselves another flight from Goa to Mumbai. We would get a refund of the first part of the flight.

With the flight from another airline we arrived in time for our connecting flights.

Since we didn’t receive a refund, we filed a complaint with Air India.
Their response basically was: when Air India is delayed, it’s your problem. If you book another flight, it’s at your costs. If you miss our connecting flights, it’s your problem, not ours. Of course this was all wrapped in apologizing words like “we once again sincerely apologise… and trust you would treat this incident in isolation, and will not deny us the pleasure of having to serve you again”.

Yea right! 🙂

Review Air India
Our review is 1 star of out 5 stars.
Red flag >> If there are alternatives, take them.

What is your review?

Red Flag

No more Air India for us. Read our whole review above.
- Erwin Coenen

To sum up: Poor service

Air India. To sum up: Poor service. Read our whole review above.
- Elena Aseby

Review Air India
1.0 rating based on 12,345 ratings
Overall rating: 1 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

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