Life is simple

Life is simple

Life in Agonda is simple
Renting a scooter is very easy. On the side of the roads people are asking if you want to rent one. You give them 250 roepies (around 3,80 euro) for renting a scooter for 1 day and off you go.
No paperwork filling in, no creditcard needed, no insurance, no bureaucratic stuff, you just go.

People just build houses, huts and shops on their property. From this perspective, Western countries seem a little bit overregulated. 🙂

Anyway, off we went with our scooter. When driving a motorised vehicle (like a car or a scooter) you must realise that the most important instrument is your claxon. 🙂
You use a claxon when you’re close to:

  • a car
  • a scooter
  • a pedestrian
  • a cow
  • a dog
  • crossroads

To sum up, you use your claxon when a person or animal is nearby to you (or if there’s a possibility that they are nearby), to let them know that you are there. 🙂
With the wind through our hair we drove on our scooter, together with our good friend John ( on another scooter, showing us around.

Life is simple. Every day there are powercuts. This means no electricity, no internet.
We’ve noticed how relaxed we are with that. You get used to it. The powercuts are temporary (as are all things in life). Electricity and internet will be back at some point. Just relax. Life is simple.

Erwin & Elena

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